Personalized Bracelet for Women - Hand Stamped Jewelry

Please give name & heart or paw choice for 1st Name Charm

This custom name bracelet is perfect for mom or grandma! Simple but sweet with your kids or grandkids names with a little heart or stamped above each name. Optionally you can have a paw print stamped above the names for your pets! 

The bangle is adjustable and made of solid stainless steel. It is a "medium" size but fits most wrists. The name charms are non-allergenic aluminum. Neither the bangle or name charms will rust or tarnish. Each name charm will be hand stamped by me with the name of your choice and accented with heart stamp or you can choose a paw instead. The name discs will have a smooth, satin finish. You can choose from one to ten name charms.

  • Stainless steel bangle is a medium (60mm) and fits most wrists.
  • Name discs are made of 14g, 3/4" aluminum. 

*Please give personalization information exactly how you want it stamped on each disc. All caps does not look good in this font. List the names in the order that you want them on the bangle, from left to right. If more than four names, please specify which ones you want in double wire section and which on the single wire section.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your custom jewelry to ship.

PLEASE NOTE: Each stamping is done by hand so each letter or number may have slight variations in depth, alignment, and spacing. They won't be perfectly aligned as would be if done with a machine. These differences should not be looked at as flaws, but instead as characteristics that give each piece its uniqueness that comes from an item being handmade.

*Due to the nature of hand stamping, I can only stamp on the front.

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