Dog Mom Bracelet for Women - Dog Lover Gift

You can have the name(s) stamped in all lowercase or you can have the first letter capitalized.

Personalized dog name bracelet that is perfect for any dog lover! The dog bone charms will each have your beloved fur baby's name hand stamped onto it accompanied by a heart charm and paw print charm. 

This pet bracelet is a stainless steel adjustable bangle with lightweight aluminum dog bone name charms, a pewter paw print charm and an antique silver toned heart charm. You can add as many personalized dog name charms as you need to keep all of your fur kids together. 

Each bracelet comes with the following:

  • One 3/4" aluminum dog bone charm hand stamped with name up to 7 characters.
  • One Pewter Paw Print Charm
  • One antique silver toned Heart Charm 

Please allow 3-5 business days for your custom jewelry to ship.

PLEASE NOTE: Each stamping is done by hand so each letter or number may have slight variations in depth, alignment, and spacing. They won't be perfectly aligned as would be if done with a machine. These differences should not be looked at as flaws, but instead as characteristics that give each piece its uniqueness that comes from an item being handmade.

*Due to the nature of hand stamping, I can only stamp on the front.

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