Passion for metal smithing runs in the family.
I am a mother of three, wonderful littles and also three young men. I homeschool the little ones as well. Up until recently I ran a quite successful home business. However, it was very stressful so I turned to making hand stamped jewelry. I found it soothed my soul and that I have a great passion for it. Working with metal is also something that has ran in my family. My grandfather used to work with copper, railroad spikes and other various metals to create art or pictures. My mother also works with metals, mostly copper and has always had a fondness for copper. There is something about metals, copper and sterling silver especially, that seems to attract us. One of my older children has recently shown an interest in metal smithing and so it continues. The whole family pitches in to help run the shop. It is a family affair!

In making my stamped jewelry I start with metal that is cut with disc cutters, a jewelry saw or metal shears. I take this blank slate piece of metal and turn it into art by filing, sanding and stamping words, numbers or a design into it. Sometimes I texturize it with various types of hammers to give it more texture and depth or I oxidize it to give it a rustic or antiqued look. Often I add charms to give the piece a story. I tumble every piece for hours and then lovingly hand finish each piece as well. 

I put my heart and soul into every piece that I make.